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What type of community is Summer House at Villa Gardens?

Summer House at Villa Gardens is a memory care neighborhood within Villa Gardens, a continuing care retirement community. Summer House serves people with memory related illness within 19 private accommodations. We offer a safe environment for anyone dealing with the special challenges that come along with cognitive impairment. It is our wish to support our residents and enhance their quality of life at whatever stage of cognitive impairment they may be experiencing.

What types of social opportunities are available to Summer House residents?

We have structured life enrichment programs serving our Summer House residents. In this way, residents can join their neighbors in the activity that is best suited to their desires as well as their level of cognitive ability. Through these programs we offer a variety of choices to address body, mind and spirit of the individual.

Can family members visit Summer House residents whenever desired?

Yes, we encourage you to visit, but ask that you sign in at the front desk so that we always know who is visiting.

Can family members take residents out of Summer House whenever desired?

Yes, with staff notification.

Do you have a licensed nurse on staff?

We have nurses on duty at Villa Gardens all the time. In our Summer House accommodations we have nurse supervisors, certified nursing assistants, caregivers and housekeepers.

Has your staff been trained to work with memory care residents?

All staff who work in Summer House undergo initial training as well as ongoing training to work with those with cognitive impairment. Staff also gets to know each resident so they may interact with each resident based on his or her individual needs.