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  • Individual care and support for seniors with Alzheimers and dementia
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A setting as warm and bright as a cherished summer home.

What is Summer House?

What if memory care came wrapped in a place as warm and welcoming as a cherished summer home? Summer House at Villa Gardens is a unique memory support neighborhood offering personal care and engagement for residents with all types of dementia including Alzheimer’s who need specialized care and support. Download our brochure to learn more.

A place of warmth and serenity.


Home, in a protected environment.

Ours is a neighborhood of 19 private accommodations — each with modern comforts and classic styling. This specially tailored space, designed for those with all types of dementia including Alzheimer’s, offers quiet sun-filled rooms, picturesque grounds and beautiful design inside and out.

Care from the heart helps residents flourish.


A personalized approach to memory care.

We are distinguished by engaging, compassionate care that emphasizes dignity and whole-person wellbeing. And every day, we work to meet the needs of each individual at Summer House. Our compassionate staff helps residents flourish through personal attention, meaningful connection, and opportunities for self-expression. From our Joyful Hearts Chorus and cultural events to the cognitive enrichment the latest technologies offer, this is a nurturing, stimulating environment.

"Everyday I see that pride and dedication in our Summer House staff that makes a difference in our residents' lives."

—  Tanya M. Summer House Manager

"I love working in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation."

—  Joseph P. Physical Therapy Assistant

"As a registered dietitian, I know that food can be therapeutic. Food is an opportunity for me to engage with residents and express my passion for nutrition and health while serving them."

—  Courtney W. Registered Clinical Dietitian

At the core of our community.

The Front Porch Family

Front Porch is a not-for-profit family of communities and partnerships, including Summer House at Villa Gardens. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our residents, and their needs are at the heart of everything we do.

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What’s Humanly Possible®?

Humanly Possible® defines our culture and our cause. We are dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to creatively meet the needs of those we serve. It is an authentic call for every mind, discipline, and level of our organization to focus on what’s possible, what’s achievable, and what’s next.

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A Strong Foundation

Front Porch is built on the power of partnership. Philanthropic support for Summer House at Villa Gardens comes from the Front Porch Communities Foundation, a Front Porch supporting charitable organization dedicated to service and philanthropy.

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More about Summer House at Villa Gardens

Why Summer House at Villa Gardens Alzheimer's Care Facility is the Best Place for memory care in Pasadena

Caring for a loved one battling memory loss disease can be stressful, especially if you’re their personal caretaker or are worried that they’re no longer able to take care of themselves on their own. If you’re considering setting them up at a Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility, Summer House at Villa Gardens is an excellent choice. Our unique memory care neighborhood offers a fresh outlook on life, in a charming setting that boosts morale and gives residents the motivation they need to fight Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Along with an innovative approach to memory care, our Pasadena dementia care facility offers residents the chance to enjoy life again. To make friends, socialize, try new things and engage. Set within one of the finest Pasadena assisted living facilities, Summer House provides more than just a safe environment for the memory impaired. This is a place to get back to smiling and back to living with a warm ambiance and beautiful gardens. Our end goal is to give Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers a real opportunity to get more out of their retirement years. We believe memory loss doesn’t have to stop you from continuing to grow.

There’s no Place Like Home

Boredom, loneliness, frustration and anxiety are all emotions commonly experienced by memory loss sufferers. The first step to combatting these negative feelings is to put the person in a place where they can feel happy again. At our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility, we strive to make residents feel right at home from the day they move in. Rooms are bright and modern, with plenty of space for photographs and keepsakes.

Summer House at Villa Gardens Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility offers a welcoming setting where residents can relax in tranquil courtyards and move freely between shared social spaces.

With an escort, Alzheimer’s and dementia residents can also explore the full Villa Gardens campus, complete with a full-service salon, resident lounge, and lovely walking paths through manicured gardens.

Our Unique Approach to Memory Care

In conjunction with the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, our Pasadena dementia care facility embraces new memory care technologies and techniques to provide our skilled caretakers the tools and flexibility they need to meet the changing needs of our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. Unafraid to try something new, our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility can implement pet and music therapy into each resident’s personalized care plan along with access to the iN2L touchscreen and PARO robotic seal. We understand that each resident’s needs are unique and allow caregivers the flexibility to do whatever is humanly possible to better the lives of the residents in their care.

Our whole person treatment philosophy reminds caregivers that behind the disease is a real individual. At Summer House at Villa Gardens Pasadena dementia care facility, we work through memory loss to help residents maintain a sense of self. We achieve this by concentrating not just on the mind but also on the body and spirit. We believe that everyone needs to maintain purpose for quality of life, even those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and this means whole person care for whole person healing.

Pasadena Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers Fun Group Activities

Not all Pasadena assisted living facilities share our passion for fun. We believe that life should be an adventure at any age and that memory loss shouldn’t prevent you from making new friends and sharing new experiences. Living at Summer House means access to a wonderful selection of interactive events and activities to fill each day with more life and more joy. Caregivers receive specialized training for encouraging memory care residents to participate so that your loved one will feel less anxious to interact and encourage them to be part of the community.

Residents can find activities that match their interests or give something new a try. From arts and crafts to singing in the Joyful Hearts Choir, painting, cooking, gardening or onsite concerts and performances, there’s always something going on.

Pasadena Senior Living Community Serves Delicious Meals

For Alzheimer’s and dementia residents, mealtimes are an important part of each day. Meals are something fun to look forward to and help to build a daily routine that keeps them on track. Healthy food is a big part of senior care but more than just nutrition, mealtime is an opportunity to socialize and connect with neighbors.

Meal service includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and a variety of flavors and cuisines to keep dishes interesting.

24 Hour Observation for Safety Around the Clock

Residents at our Pasadena dementia care facility are monitored day and night to look after their safety and wellbeing. The community features equipment and systems specifically designed for monitoring seniors with memory loss.

Safety checks include:

  • Motion sensors are installed in each cottage to alert staff when residents are up at night while maintaining their dignity and privacy.
  • All exits from Summer House are equipped with double-egress doors and sensors.
  • Regular wellness checks are performed according to California State law.
  • A licensed nurse is on staff and all caregivers meet Department of Social Services requirements for Alzheimer’s care and dementia care.

Pasadena Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers a Convenient Address

Located in the heart of Pasadena, CA, residents are not far from the important nearby resources that can be conveniently accessed in the City of Pasadena. .

Make plans to visit our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility to see if Summer House at Villa Gardens is right for your loved one. We can’t wait to show you around.

What Summer House at Villa Gardens Offers for the Best Alzheimer's Care Facility

Caring for the needs of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia presents many challenges, particularly when they are approaching the advanced stages of the disease. Our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility can help alleviate your stress by ensuring your loved one receives the finest round-the-clock memory loss care available.

Equipped with forward-thinking technology, staffed with highly qualified caregivers and motivated by a unique approach to looking after the memory impaired, our Pasadena dementia care facility gives memory loss sufferers a second chance at making the most of their retirement. Learn more about the Summer House philosophy and how life at our Pasadena senior living community gives residents one reason to smile after another.

A Commitment to Helping Residents Live Their Best Life

Our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility delivers more than just kind, compassionate care and comfortable senior living. We offer hope. Hope for a better life and hope to overcome the challenges presented by memory loss disease.

We understand that while the memory impaired require special assistance with personal care, meals, hygiene, dressing, housekeeping and related tasks, that the end goal of successful memory care is more than just safety and comfort, it’s about helping residents stay happy and enjoy life to the best of their ability. Our Pasadena dementia care facility offers the promise that we’ll do whatever we can to put our residents in a position to thrive. To continue to lead a focused, meaningful life.

Pasadena Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers Innovative Technology for Exceptional Memory Care

At Summer House at Villa Gardens we believe in the power of technology for helping memory loss residents to engage, interact and improve their cognitive abilities. Our nurses and caregivers are provided with a number of specialized tools and cutting edge treatment techniques that boost morale and make it easy to craft a personalized treatment plan for each resident. Technology leads to dignified, customized treatment that suits each individual’s unique personal needs.

Here are a few of the groundbreaking cognitive development technologies used at our Pasadena dementia care facility:

  • iN2L Touchscreen: Residents love the touchscreen system because it’s fun, highly customizable and all games and activities offer a purpose-driven approach that promotes engagement while improving mental stimulation. Known as person-centered technology, programs automatically adapt and align with the user to connect seniors with the topics that interest them. The iN2L system is an incredible tool for continued learning in patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • PARO Robotic Seal: Developed in Japan, this interactive robot provides proven companionship for seniors to battle loneliness while boosting motivation, stimulating interaction and relieving stress and anxiety. The PARO seal is used around the world to encourage seniors in a unique way to break out of their shell and combat social anxiety caused by memory loss.
  • Music and Memory Program: Music has the power to connect Alzheimer’s and dementia residents to what matters to them most. Musical therapy is not only uplifting, it is a proven technique for rehabilitating cognitive abilities.

Pasadena Senior Living Community Features Unique Accommodations in Private Courtyard

All nineteen private cottages at Summer House at Villa Gardens are purposefully designed to suit the unique needs of residents suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Set around a shady courtyard, residences come in studio or deluxe studio layouts with a kitchenette, closet, spacious living area and generous private bathroom with safe walk-in shower. Sun-filled rooms are quiet and cozy and residents enjoy beautiful pathways and delightful shared spaces.

Our unique memory care neighborhood is lush and peaceful with controlled entrances using double-egress doors for safety. Budgeting the care of your loved one is easy with transparent all-inclusive pricing that covers accommodation, daily meals including snacks and special dietary restrictions, 24-hour oversight, personalized care including bathing and dressing, recreation and activities, housekeeping, most utilities, entertainment, shared social spaces, medication management and more.

It's Easy to Stay Close with our Flexible Visitation Policy

Unlike Pasadena assisted living facilities that enforce strict visiting hours, at Summer House, family and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they can. Spend time together inside the memory care neighborhood or feel free to escort your loved one anywhere within the Villa Gardens Pasadena senior living community.

Take a stroll through our striking village-style community complete with gourmet dining room, swimming pool, putting green, dog park, acres of manicured gardens and courtyards, reading nooks and more. Residents of our Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility are welcome to visit any of the shared amenities within Villa Gardens while escorted. The community features lively, uplifting common areas for visits that feel comforting and homey.

In addition, technology helps residents to stay connected with their loved ones in between visits. Video calls via Skype can be set up by caregivers to help residents communicate with family.

Compassionate Care from Highly Trained Memory Loss Caregivers

When it comes to choosing a Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility where your loved one will be safe, you certainly have plenty of options – but at Summer House at Villa Gardens, we take memory loss care to the next level. Our unique approach to memory care gives your loved one a real chance to live a fuller life.

Our caregivers love what they do and form real bonds with the people they serve. It’s a style of empathy that goes beyond compassion and strives to connect residents with their caregivers in a real and meaningful way.

Caregivers at Summer House at Villa Gardens receive ongoing memory care training and meet all Department of Social Services requirements in Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Let Us Light the Way through a Challenging Situation

Few experiences in life are as intimidating as losing one’s memory and losing one’s freedom and ability to live on their own. At Summer House at Villa Gardens Pasadena Alzheimer’s care facility, our vision is to make the transition into memory care and assisted living as positive an experience as possible.

We want residents to feel that they’ve signed up for a new outlook on life and we work hard to never forget that there’s a real person behind the disease. Treating everyone as an individual is paramount to helping residents hold on tight to a sense of who they are, even as memories fade.